I woke up this morning very much feeling like the dark and challenging parts of my past are behind me. Walking in my neighborhood I could feel the warmth in the air. It’s as if a veil of darkness is being lifted and I can stretch much taller than ever before. The time has come for me to crawl out of my comfort zone and begin to share me ideas with the outside world once again.

I’ve spent the past few years of my life relatively solitary, clinging to the relationships I felt familiar in. As much as this time of self reflection and prayer has served me well, I understand that I cannot manage the rest of my life only sharing myself and my story with my journals. For a long time I felt afraid to put my creations “out there,” for fear that once they left my protection, they no longer belonged to me, but were now vulnerable to the will and judgment of the outside. But at this point in my journey I welcome the opportunity to grow while sharing the way the world resonates with me personally.

I don’t particularly feel like filling out a bio, because who I am is changing all the time. Everyday I feel my eyes are opened to a new perspective I could have never anticipated, and I hope to keep this energy.

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