Yesterday while watching a video on Gaia, I head one sentence that stood out and made me think. “People aren’t afraid of their shadows, they are afraid of their light,” and I think this couldn’t be more true. We are so afraid to truly see ourselves.

It’s much easier to identify with the darkness that’s being reflected off of us, it feels almost separate from us, and out of our control. It’s always there. No matter where we go, it follows. It become like a comfort zone, a default escape goat. It takes the responsibility away from us. In this same way we remain victims, unable to stand up and find a way out of our own mental construct.

To open our eyes and shine light on everything we are desperately trying to keep hidden, would crumble the image were upholding to the outside. It takes more work to actually go over and “clean” all the messy and imperfect areas of our lives. But in the end, it takes more effort, and drains more energy, to prop up the identity we desire.

To go inward and face the deepest parts of your self, is the scariest thing imaginable, at first. Once you face that fear within, it’s the most liberating form of freeing yourself, from yourself. When we look to the outside for clarity, we are reflected back only what’s outside of us. None of this is true to the pure light that’s reflected in the self. When we draw all of our outward senses in, and focus internally, the pure light of god is given back to us. This is within us always, waiting for us to draw our attention back to it. Medication is the best way to pull the concentration within, refocusing the mind on the body, our own image of god.

Part of the light, or truth, is we all have a shadow. We all have negative aspects that we want to hide or cover up. But when we let this over come us, and fall into cycles of shame and embarrassment, we let the shadows engulf us. We become blind to the darkness we’re submerged into. The light suddenly feels painful, too much, more than our eyes could handle. We become so acclimated to the darkness, our perspective adjusts more and more as we become comfortable. Eventually we will have such distortion in our vision, we will reject anything that brings light into our lives completely. Pure love makes us uncomfortable and afraid. We keep running, but we can’t see where we’re going anymore. We see the light, and it looks like the end of something. We are too afraid to walk into that unknown and face the deepest parts of ourselves, and we never come out the other side to see ourselves through.

It took me years of coming to that edge, and realizing, if I could only find the courage to keep going… only to run back to everything I’ve ever known, before I finally took a real leap. This isn’t something we can just decide we’re going to do, and then all the work takes care of itself. This is waking up every single day and making the conscious decision to work, to keep pushing, until you aren’t uncomfortable with yourself anymore. Until the day that you can learn to grow into your light. The option that scares us the most, is the option that will bring the most value and substance. Do not be afraid of your path and your capabilities. The sweetest rewards lie just over the other side of your greatest fear, follow the light child.

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